I’m back!


To all my ‘followers’ out there I’m glad you decided to stick with me ^_^. To anyone new, thanks for stopping by. After my experience over the last year, being an au pair, blogging, have some self discovery moments, I’ve really come to rely on the friendship and support that I’ve received from the WordPress.com community. So I decided to stick with this whole blogging thing, because it’s so darn fun and I don’t want to just say ‘hey, thanks for a great year, but I have better things to do now’. Because I don’t really have better things to do, just different. That being said this blog won’t focus on my daily life because now that I’m back home my daily life isn’t going to be that interesting.

I wanted to keep the old hollyjb separate while still continue to blog, so I created the new hollyjb. I’m not saying I’m becoming a different person, I’ll just be writing about different things. The address was inspired by my Twitter account, which was inspired by, um, my love of performing(?). I actually can’t remember the exact reason, but that sounds like a good one. 😛

*Apparently daily life in Canada is much too busy and tiring to blog as I’ve posted maybe twice on my Holly Abroad blog since I’ve been back. I still have at least two more Europe posts to do before that blog is officially finished. Here’s hoping I can keep this one up with similar consistency as my other one!*

So welcome, to the new me. LIVE.


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  1. I have a new blog too! Excited to read up on the new you.

    • Wow, sorry I haven’t approved this yet! I have to get on here more, really. I will come one over right now!

  1. hollyjb LIVE « Holly Abroad

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